Lets Relabel this whole thing.

Labels is an identity or form of description we associate ourselves most with.

I mean. I don’t blame us.

Everything around us is labelled either Good or Bad. Right or Wrong. Forgiven or Forgotten. The centre of which our culture revolves around is labels. Now we can’t extinguish them, but we can Relabel. To Relabel means to Label something differently. A label determines how much worth an item is. I believe this world and you whom lives in it is worth a whole lot of value. You are the brand of all brands. Labels can be something that creates limits, but the correct labels on your life can also be a beautiful thing when sewed into your heart and mind process. So lets talk about that. Lets talk about what real Living means. Not of which the world tells us. But of which our souls cry out for.

This is Living.

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