First Impressions

Should we judge a book by its cover?

Lets get real. We all do this. No matter how much we despise the saying or the thought process. Its something we naturally do. Label people.

But let’s make it loud and clear. It’s perfectly okay to judge a book by its cover, as long as we aren’t blind to see whats on the inside. Let me explain.

When you choose a book in a store, you chose the one that looks most appealing to you. I mean come on, an author has chosen to portray his book with whats on the front, so we should use that. The same with people. If they are portraying a negative vibe, we are most likely to stay away as we don’t want to associate with this emotion, as whats on the front often portrays whats on the inside. The mood. The genre. The creativity explored. Different books appeal to different people. What you find fascinating and exciting, the person to your right might find boring and uninviting. this is the benefits of having a population so unique from one another, every book is appreciated by someone.

Now how does this apply to our everyday labelling? The fact is this. You don’t have to like every one and every version of how someone wishes to portray themselves. That would be a fake way of going about life. However we shouldn’t be so fixated on the cover that we don’t open up our hearts to at least giving the book a read for a few chapters or so. See where it goes, how it makes you feel. You might surprise yourself. And if it’s not for you. Never throw it away. Never use someone and then treat them like they don’t have any value of this world. Keep that book in your life safely stored away, because someone you know might fall in love with those pages you respectfully put at the side and didn’t misuse. You’ve got to make sure to still show love and respect on this book, because this gives that person the opportunity to read every chapter of this book with nothing being torn or damaged.

You know what’s fascinating? We are told that we are the authors of our own lives. Authors are never subjected to writing one story. When someone is truly passionate for creatively exploring emotions through a story, they could find themselves writing for days… but not every book can be a best seller. Its okay if you find yourself with a cover over your life that isn’t how you want to be expressed. To have words on a page of your mind process, understanding that it isn’t in a good place right now and others around are so invested in you they are also living what they read. But guess what my friend. Your next book will be a best seller. You have recognised where you have gone wrong and now it’s time you use that as a testimony in the way you write this next book of yours in this next season of life you are in.

Lets relabel this whole thing then. Where we embrace our natural instinct to judge a book by its cover, but don’t let it define how we treat that Story, because you never know, that Authors next book could be a best seller.


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